Charting the Way For

New Technologies,
Data Services &
Process Automation

Device Distributors, LLC has been here for 17 years, forging international transactions that bring 21st Century technologies to emerging markets. 


We have the infrastructure in place to cut through innovation-stifling bureaucracies. Working with Customs agents from South America, our expertise and established relationships make imports and exports easy for our clients.

We enable progressive health care providers, corporations and organizations to excel with big data, cloud-based services and bleeding edge technologies.

Today, we are facilitating international sales and distribution of revolutionary medical devices and consumer electronics that promote healthier and longer lives.

We buy, broker, provide logistics and customs and licensing support to enable you to take advantage of new ventures as well as established brands and technologies.

Business Development

Device Distributors continuously seeks new products that are either in development or are already selling in the U.S. We provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their business to an international market.

Your Newest Opportunity!

Device Distributors offers an excellent opportunity for fitness organizations, health care offices and trucking companies to take advantage of one of the most amazing technologies that promotes healthier and longer lives for clients, patients and employees. Check it out by visiting (HEALTHDATIX LANDING PAGE LINK).

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